Basics of Hydro Excavation

Hydro Excavation is a type of hard-dig excavation engineering which enables one to remove soil quickly or move it without destroying surrounding structures. This engineering use high-pressure groundwater - either cold or hot - to move both the soil and debris at the same time. The excavating tools used are usually hydraulic excavators, but in some cases machines are also used. This equipment allows the dog to be carried out faster and can even be stopped and lifted when not actively in use.

It is sometimes used in applications such as daylighting. With daylighting, for example, the hydro excavator will dig the foundation for the house, whereas the traditional methods such as digging foundations at the building site and lifting them and then moving them to the location of the home would be performed during the daylight hours. While using the high-pressure methods, the cold weather makes the traditional methods of daylighting impossible because the soil will freeze before the sun rises. Hydro excavation enables one to reach areas that traditional methods could not reach and to perform work during daylight hours.

Another use for this equipment is backfilling. In this type of job, the Hydro Excavator is hired to backfill the excavated area by driving it into the area where utilities are being run. The backfill job is normally a small portion of the total excavation area, hence the term "backfill". It is usually done before utilities are installed, because the utilities will be installed when the dig is complete.

A hydro-excavation project can take place in many different places and does not need to have its origins in a specific location. Projects can be undertaken in a field, in an open field, behind a building, in a basement or on a roof. If the Hydro Excavator is using to clear away ice that builds up on sidewalks, gutters, driveways, or parking lots, then less likely are ice buildup and structural damage to these areas. Less likely is leaking that can cause more extensive damage to plumbing or electrical lines.

Hydro excavation projects require the same types of tools that are used for any other construction project, so it is important to choose the right one. When working with an air excavation project, the only tools needed are regular hand shovels. However, when digging a trench, heavy equipment is needed. Cranes, trucks, bulldozers, and skid-steers are some of the more common types of heavy equipment used for hydro excavation. Some excavators even have a plow attached to the front, which enables the operator to drain away excess water.

There are a few different types of Langley City best hydro excavation. The backfill method, called "roll in" involves an excavator truck that rolls in debris to the edge of a water source. This method is most often used to extract sewer gas, but sometimes it is used to extract tree roots and other types of debris that have built up. Another type of hydro excavation is the flash flood method, or waterway excavation. This method involves the truck driver to drive directly into a water source with a high-powered truck and dump all of the material he finds there in one fell swoop.

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